Black and white portrait image of Carrie Cosgrove, showing her smiling in front of a volt yellow background
Hi, I'm Carrie.
I’m a product designer and visual problem solver based in beautiful Seattle, WA. I focus on the importance of intentional and accessible design for users of complex applications. My experience working with a wide range of projects at any given point in time has been pivotal in embracing rapid iteration and working in ambiguity.

Creative expression has always been an important factor in my happiness.  I'm always finding new ways to be creative in my free time; my current project is learning how to cut hair.

I was born and raised in San Francisco (fifth generation!) and can talk anyone’s ear off about my love for it. 

When I’m not knee-deep in a Figma file, I enjoy spending time hiking, baking, lounging with my cat Keaton, and cheering on my beloved 49ers.  

Résumé, Please!